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Keeping Birds Away from Your Property

Birds love to make solar panels, rafters, and other nooks and crannies in your property their home. The presence of hawks will cause birds to find safe areas to hide and nest. Solar panels and other crevices are the perfect hiding spot for birds. Cooing and chirping can keep homeowners awake all night and disturb customers at a commercial property. Removing birds and preventing them from coming back is just one of the areas our team at Next Generation Pest Control specializes in.

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The Hazards of an Uncontrolled Bird Population

According to Medical News Today, bird droppings can carry over 60 diseases. Furthermore, they can also transmit ectoparasites such as bed bugs, yellow mealworms, and West Nile Virus. These parasites can make their way through structures and into your home, putting your health at risk.

Birds also can cause extensive damage to roofs and structures. Their droppings contain an acid that eats away at roofs. Their nesting materials often clog gutters leading to water damage to your home, which can also cause termites if left unresolved.

How We Keep Birds Away

Our process includes a thorough inspection of your whole home or property, identification of all nesting and perching sites, removal of nesting material, sealing, or excluding nesting sites and perching sites, and free treatment for mites and ticks as necessary.

We can prevent further nesting with our specialized mesh that’s made of steel to provide durability and rigidity, while being coated in PVC to keep the sun, rain, and other weather conditions from wearing it out. We also clip the mesh into place, so we don't have to drill into any fragile walls, beams, or roofing.

We carefully trim all our mesh so that the exclusion is custom fitted to your unique design. Birds can exploit even the tiniest gaps, so we fit them to your panels perfectly. We then clean up any mess left behind by the birds so that you're left with a bird free roof and no traces that there was ever a problem to begin with.

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