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Gophers are rodents that burrow and live underground, living in extensive networks of burrows that can take up to 2,000 square feet per gopher. They are rarely seen above ground, and their presence is known generally by the signature damage they cause to surface structures and the areas just below the soil surface where they dig their burrows.

These pests are active all year and dig during the day and at night. In especially favorable environments, as many as 60 gophers will occupy a single acre of land. These animals are not a protected species under California or federal law, and any humane method of exterminating gophers from your property is legal.

If you think that gophers may have made their home in your yard, contact our Manteca gopher removal and control team. We pride ourselves on our commitment to thorough and effective pest control. Our team will perform a complete inspection of your property, finding every hiding spot and tunnel that gophers have used to get in and getting rid of them for good!

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The Dangers of a Gopher Infestation

Gophers can quickly ruin your investment in your home’s lawn and garden or the landscaping at your business, and they are especially prone to seek out landscaped properties, residential yards, and gardens. They love to feed on common grasses, flowers, shrubs, bushes, and trees typically found in landscaped areas. One gopher acting alone can quickly ruin a yard or garden, and multiple gophers in the same area can completely destroy your landscaping.

Gophers also cause extensive damage to irrigation systems, chewing on water lines and sprinkler hardware. Additionally, their burrows significantly weaken the surface of areas they have infested, creating the risk of injury and property damage in areas where they have created weakened soil, holes, and pitfalls. If the surface soil caves in on a burrow, the resulting surface damage can be extensive and challenging to repair.

Gophers not only cause property damage, but they also pose a danger to human and animal life. Gophers carry rabies, a deadly disease that can be transmitted to you and your pets. There are some risks that a family member can interact with a gopher by collapsing a burrow, which is why you should always consult a professional to eliminate gophers. The more significant risk of infectious bites is to your household pets, who will dig after the Gophers in their burrows. Gophers are also carriers of plague, monkeypox, and hantavirus, all of which and be extremely damaging to your health.

Spot the Signs That You Have a Problem

Fresh soil mounds are the most apparent evidence of gopher infestation. Gopher mounds are usually horseshoe-shaped piles above the areas where gophers have recently been digging. When soil conditions are favorable, a single gopher can create several mounds in a single day. In developed areas that are irrigated, gophers are attracted to the year around soft soils that make for ideal digging conditions.

If you spot holes and turned dirt that you think may conceal a gopher, send us a photo, and we’ll give you our professional opinion!

Proven Effective Solutions

If you see evidence of gopher infestation at your home or business, call the professionals at Next Generation Pest Control to remove the gophers and end the property damage and health issues they create. Our local Manteca team will take the time to thoroughly eliminate every trace of your infestation using safe and humane techniques. Following professional removal, Next Generation Pest Control will monitor your property regularly to avoid new infestations. Gophers are continually looking to expand their habitats, and without regular monitoring and maintenance, new gophers are likely to invade your property again.

Contact Next Generation Pest Control online or call us at (209) 340-3395 to schedule a free inspection of your home or business. We are the #1 choice for gopher removal and pest control in Manteca and the surrounding areas!

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