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With hundreds of species of bugs, insects, and other pests in Manteca and the surrounding areas, it’s no wonder that pest infestations happen to homeowners every day. Even so, that doesn’t make it any easier when you find pests in your own home. Encountering a pest infestation is a stressful event that can lead to illnesses in your family members, damage to your home, and costly repair bills.

No matter what type of pest you’ve discovered in your house, Next Generation Pest Control can eliminate it. Because we live in the areas we serve, we are not only familiar with every pest we encounter, but we also understand the special considerations that must be taken into account when treating your home. We have over 60 years of combined experience with pest control in Manteca, CA for our residential customers.

Our General Pest Control Plan

At Next Generation Pest Control, we know that no two pest problems are exactly alike. Your home, landscaping, and many other factors must all be considered when figuring out how the infestation occurred and how to treat it. That’s why we begin with a detailed inspection of your property to gather the information we need to create a customized plan to rid your home of pests and keep them out in the months and years to come.
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Our inspection begins outside then moves indoors. We identify pest activity, conducive conditions, and entry points during this examination. Our inspection includes looking at all of the following:

  • Your landscaping and the surrounding areas
  • Yard debris and clutter
  • Foliage and other plants that grow close to your house
  • Wood piles that touch your house
  • Water sources
  • The geographic location of your house (near a river, lake, etc.)
  • Level of pest activity
  • Entry points around your house
  • Pet areas, such as food and waste areas, as well as dog houses or other areas that we should not treat
  • Signs of an infestation, such as droppings and trails
  • Baseboards
  • Harborage areas
  • Gaps, cracks, and crevices
  • Food sources
  • Areas of moisture
  • And more

Once we understand what pest problems your home is facing, we will create a treatment plan. This plan targets the pests present in your home while also providing general pest control to protect your house from common pest threats. In addition to the targeted treatments, we will also:

  • Remove webs from the exterior of your home.
  • Treat the yard and lawn.
  • Treat around fences, landscaping, rocks, mulch areas, and outdoor furniture.
  • Treat the foundation.
  • Treat eaves and remove wasp nests from eaves.
  • Treat baseboards, windowsills, and doorways.

After your initial treatment, we offer a flex plan that provides monthly treatments in spring and summer and bi-monthly treatments in fall and winter to ensure the complete protection of your property from pests all year long.

Our Home Pest Control Process

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We perform a thorough inspection of your property, both inside and out, to identify your pest problems and the conditions that led to them or will lead to them in the future. Once our inspection is complete, we will tailor our treatments to your home’s specific pest control needs.

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Our initial service includes customized treatments to eliminate the active pests in your home and general pest control to protect your house from future pest problems. We also will make recommendations about changes you can make to make your property less appealing to pests.

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We offer a recurring flex plan for our general pest control services. After your initial treatment, we’ll return to your home every month in the spring and summer and on a bi-monthly basis in the fall and winter to re-treat your house. This schedule protects you from pests year-round.

Additional Service Options From Next Generation Pest Control

Our general pest control plan covers a wide variety of pests, but we also offer several treatment options that target specific pest threats. These include:

Residential Pest Control Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Services Guaranteed?

They are. We offer a pest-free guarantee. If pests return to your home, we will too. Contact us for details.

Do You Offer Free Inspections?

We do. Contact us to schedule your free inspection.

Can You Come To My House Today?

When you discover pests in your house, you want them gone as quickly as possible. We offer same-day and emergency services to protect your home from pests in a timely manner.

What Pests Do You Offer Services For?

At Next Generation Pest Control, we’ve seen it all. We treat homes with common and uncommon pests problems from ants and spiders to rodents and gophers and everything in between.

Customer Reviews

One of the best pest control experiences I have had. Came right out. They were patient with all of my questions. The price and service were both fantastic! I’ve used many pest control services in the past, and this was by far the best.

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