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Effectively Getting German Cockroaches Out Of Your Manteca Home

No one wants to find cockroaches in their house, no matter what species they are. However, when it comes to cockroaches, although all are bad, some are worse. German cockroaches are one of the worst species. German roaches are small, and their coloring makes them difficult to spot. They breed rapidly, causing an infestation in your Manteca home to grow into seemingly out-of-control numbers quickly. Finally, they spread dozens of diseases, making them extremely dangerous to everyone in your house.

German cockroaches are hard to kill, usually exist in large numbers, and are good at hiding. These factors combine to make it quite difficult to get German roaches out of your house once they get inside. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about getting rid of your roach problem when you contact Next Generation Pest Control. We offer pest control services in Manteca, CA to eliminate your German cockroach infestation entirely.

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German Cockroach Control From Next Generation Pest Control


Determining how and why the German cockroaches got into your house helps us eliminate the infestation and gives us the information we need to prevent future infestations. During the inspection process, we’ll look for conducive conditions in and around your house so that those conditions can be corrected.

We’ll also identify all signs of cockroach activity. We’ll look for droppings, eggs, and live bugs in all the areas that commonly harbor German cockroaches. These include all areas in the kitchen, including behind and under appliances and sinks, and in bathrooms and other high moisture areas.


After we know how large your infestation is and where the German cockroaches are spending their time in your house, we’ll use a variety of treatment methods to eliminate it. We’ll perform a cracks and crevices barrier around everything in your kitchen and bathrooms, use a dust treatment in wall voids, apply a growth regulator, use a flushing agent to flush the roaches out, and finally, place monitoring stations to monitor activity. These steps allow us to make sure we fully eliminate the infestation. We can also use gel bait if necessary.

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Our general pest control plan covers a wide variety of pests, but we also offer several treatment options that target specific pest threats. These include:

Protecting Your Family From German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are some of the most dangerous pests that could get into your house because of the illnesses they can spread to your family. If you think you have German roaches in your home, contact Next Generation Pest Control today. We offer thorough, full-service German cockroach control services that will fully eradicate your infestation.

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