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Keeping Destructive Birds Off Your Manteca Property

When you think about birds, you probably don’t think of destructive creatures that you want to eradicate from your property. However, if you’ve ever had nuisance birds on your property, you might have a clearer understanding of why bird removal is a service offered by Next Generation Pest Control.

When birds, such as pigeons or starlings, choose your home or business to roost, nest, or even perch, they can cause serious problems for you. Their droppings carry dozens of diseases and parasites, and they’re so acidic that they can eat away at your roof. Their nesting materials can cause major structural damage by clogging gutters and causing moisture issues that can also lead to other pest problems.

Keeping problem birds away from your Manteca home or commercial facility is important for the health of your building and everyone in it. Next Generation Pest Control provides bird removal services in Manteca, CA to safely and humanely get the birds causing you problems off your property.

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Bird Removal From Next Generation Pest Control

We’ll begin by inspecting your property to look for nesting, perching, and roosting sites. We’ll also look for droppings, nests, and areas of shelter. By gaining a complete picture of where the birds are spending their time and causing problems, we will best be able to provide you with effective bird removal services.

After the inspection, we’ll clean and disinfect all affected areas; this protects the people in and around your building from diseases present in the bird droppings. It also protects your building from the acid in the droppings.

Once we clean the areas, we’ll install exclusion devices. We use many different materials and choose the ones that best fit your facility and your needs. They include:

  • Bird spikes
  • Optical gel
  • Jolt tracks
  • Netting

These methods are safe and do not harm the birds but instead deter them from landing on your building.

Once installed, we’ll begin to monitor the situation. We’ll return two weeks after the installation to reinspect and see how things are going. If further action is necessary, we’ll determine at that time what we need to do.

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Additional Services In Manteca, CA

In addition to our bird removal services, we also offer the following services:

Say Goodbye To Problem Birds For Good!

If birds have been making a mess of your home or business and are a nuisance on your property, you don’t have to put up with them. Next Generation Pest Control can institute the necessary changes to keep birds off your facility, making it a safer, healthier area for everyone. Contact us today to request our bird removal services.

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