Your Manteca Home Deserves To Be Rodent-Free

A rodent infestation is one of the worst pest infestations that can happen in your Manteca home. While some pests make themselves a nuisance, some cause damage, and some spread illnesses, rodents do all three. No one wants to find a rodent running around their house, but it's even worse to discover they've caused a water leak in your ceiling or sickened your family by contaminating your food.

If you've seen signs of rodents in your house, you should take action right away. Rodents are known for their ability to breed quickly, so even if your infestation begins small, it won't stay that way for long. Next Generation Pest Control provides pest control services in Manteca, CA that get rodents out of your house while also making sure they don't return.

Our Rodent Control Process


Inspecting your home for signs of rodent activity, entry points, and conducive conditions helps us gather the information we need to provide your home with effective rodent control. We look for a variety of things during our inspection, including:

  • Entrances into the house that rodents could use.
  • Gaps from one-quarter to one-half inch wide or larger.
  • Trees or bushes that touch your house.
  • Pet food and harborage areas outside your house.
  • Droppings.
  • Smudge marks along walls.
  • Chew or gnaw marks.
  • Holes inside your home.


After inspecting your home and property to determine how the rodents are getting inside, we'll begin your service with exterior exclusion. By sealing up all the entry points, we can stop rodents from getting into your house.

We'll then move indoors to set up glue boards and traps where we found rodent activity, allowing us to eliminate the active infestation in your house.

Follow Up

After we complete our exclusion work, we'll return to your house in a week or earlier if necessary. During our follow-up service, we'll evaluate the progress made and will develop a plan moving forward to ensure the full elimination of your rodent infestation.

Additional Services In Manteca, CA

In addition to our rodent control services, we also offer the following services:

Your Rodent-Free Manteca Home Is A Phone Call Away

Rodents are a serious threat to your Manteca home. If you are dealing with an infestation, don't leave their removal up to chance. Next Generation Pest Control has the expertise you need to fully eliminate the rodents in your house so that you won't have to worry about your family's safety. Contact us today to request your rodent control service.