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How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Manteca Property

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If you’re trying to spend time outdoors around your Manteca, California property, discovering a wasp around can ruin all the fun. Wasps are one of the scariest pests to encounter because they have the ability to sting and inject venom. While most wasp stings won’t lead to hospitalization, there are cases where being stung is quite serious and even fatal. And, since some species can inject venom over and over, even people who aren’t allergic are at risk of a severe reaction.

You might also be wondering how you can tell wasps apart from other species such as bees. Mainly, you should look at body shape and texture to tell these stinging insects apart. Wasps, including hornets which are part of the wasp family, have long, lean bodies while bees are rounder. Wasps are also sleek and hairless while bees are fuzzy. Most wasps have a black or brown base color with markings that range from yellow to red. Because wasps pose health risks, the overall best way to protect yourself and others around you is to take steps to prevent them. Proactive prevention is generally more effective and simpler than wasp removal.

What Attracts Wasps To A Property?

In order to prevent wasps, you first have to understand why they come around your yard in the first place. Wasps, like most pests, are mainly attracted to places that have access to food and water sources. And, since wasps are pollinators who take the nectar from flowers, they are mainly brought in by landscaping elements.

Wasps were more likely to be found in yards with an excess of flowering plants, but things like bird feeders, pet food, and even eating outdoors can also attract them. They also tend to hang out near water sources which can include pools of standing water.

Six Ways To Keep Wasps Away

Understanding what attracts wasps is just the first step in prevention, but with this knowledge, you can easily implement steps to deter them. Here are six of the most effective ways to reduce or remove the elements that attract wasps and keep them from nesting on your property:

  1. Keep trees and bushes trimmed to get rid of areas where wasps tend to build nests.
  2. Consider planting things like basil, mint, and cucumber to help deter wasps.
  3. Avoid over planting flowering vegetation and also make sure to not overwater.
  4. If you’re eating outside, clean up any food and drink spills right away.
  5. Remove standing water from your property and ensure that rainwater can drain.
  6. Keep water features like pools and hot tubs treated with the correct chemicals and kept clean.

How Can You Remove An Existing Wasp Problem?

While following the steps in this guide can help you prevent wasps, trying to remove wasps that are already on your property can be dangerous. Even nests that appear inactive might not be, so it’s best to hand over this process to the professionals at Next Generation Pest Control.

We have the experience and tools necessary to remove these difficult pests and also make sure they don’t come back in the future. Our team is reliable, efficient, and knowledgeable in handling wasp infestations. Plus, we offer full-service wasp prevention and control and even offer same-day options in some cases. Just give us a call today to learn more. We also provide commercial pest management in Manteca.

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