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Manteca Property Owners’ Complete Guide To Bird Control

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Birds can be a pleasant sight out in the wild, but trouble soon follows when they share living space with people. Birds are an often overlooked but these potentially headache-inducing pests can affect homes, businesses, and commercial properties. This guide will take a quick look at common birds in the Manteca area, the problems they cause, and how you can prevent them from becoming a problem around your home.

Problems Pest Birds Bring

Manteca is home to a number of potentially bothersome birds, but the most common are pigeons, sparrows, starlings, grackles, swallows, and woodpeckers. Each of these bird species brings problems with it to homes they invade, some unique to the bird and others common across all of them.

Birds invade for several reasons, but usually in search of food. While they prefer grains, they will also eat vegetables, fruits, flowers, and meats, especially spilled food or pieces of trash.

Some of the factors that make them a nuisance include:

  • Droppings
  • Property damage
  • Disease
  • Parasites
  • Water damage from blocked drainage
  • Destroyed inventory
  • Contaminated food, especially stored grains and flour
  • Aggressive behavior

In terms of physical damage, larger birds can dislodge roof tiles and tear into insulation, allowing rain and other contaminants inside. Their droppings can also damage metal, stone, or paint within your home over time due to corrosion.

However, birds can also harm you indirectly through the diseases they carry. Birds pick up numerous bacteria, viruses, and parasites in their day-to-day survival, and they carry all of these harmful elements with them when they invade human dwellings. Common diseases bird presence can spread include salmonella, E. coli,  histoplasma , and more, not to mention those carried by the ticks, fleas, and other parasites that might be on their backs.

All the problems they bring to homes are compounded in commercial settings, where unkempt bird activity can destroy property, inventory, and your reputation. They can also be aggressive, sometimes literally scaring away your customers.

Bird Prevention In Manteca

Here are some helpful tips you can use to minimize the risk for bird infestations around your Manteca property as much as possible:

  • Install a bird deterrent, such as a repellent sprinkler, light, or reflective deterrent.
  • Implement bird roosting spikes around your property.
  • Install bird shock tape on roosting areas. 
  • Use a natural extract liquid bird repellent. 
  • Remove possible roosting areas around the property.
  • Trim tree branches away from exterior walls.
  • Remove potential food sources around the property that could be inviting them.

When it comes to birds, the key is always to address the issue before it becomes a major problem by recognizing when an infestation is underway and calling a professional for help immediately. Here are some common warning signs that birds might be starting to become a problem around your Manteca home or business:

  • Birds resting on nearby roofs, ledges, cables, and wires
  • Excessive bird nests in trees around your property
  • Droppings found on cars, roofs, ledges, paved areas
  • Discarded feathers and nest debris
  • Damaged stock from pecking/tampering

If you’ve started seeing these warning signs around your home, don’t wait; call the professional bird removal experts at Next Generation Pest Control for help. We know all the common birds that call Manteca home, and we can help make your home or business bird-free.

Eliminate Birds From Your Manteca Home Or Business

The best way to prevent a bird infestation on your Manteca property is by eliminating their biggest potential food source — other pests. Next Generation Pest Control can create a lasting protective barrier around your Manteca home against all the common invasive pests in the region, helping prevent birds from ever becoming a problem. Contact us today for all the details.

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