Termite Control Treatments in Lathrop, CA

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Termite Control Treatments in Lathrop

Termites are voracious wood-eating pests that often come into conflict with homeowners due to their fondness for the wood inside our houses. These pests live underground and can often infest a home for months unnoticed, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. Whether you want to put an end to an active termite infestation or save your home from suffering one, work with a licensed termite control company in Lathrop.

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High-Quality Termite Treatments

Next Generation Pest Control is proud to offer the most effective termite control treatments in Lathrop. The first step our experts take is to inspect your home and outdoor property to locate areas of termite activity. By analyzing your current termite infestation – if one is present – and at-risk areas, we can advise you on the best termite treatments for your situation.

Our team can remove and prevent termite infestations on your property in Lathrop using these treatments:

  • Fumigation – An intensive but highly effective treatment process, fumigation will completely exterminate all termites inside your home. This service is covered by a three-year warranty.
  • Bora-Care Treatments – If fumigation seems too extreme for your infestation, we may instead address your problem with applications of Bora-Care liquid treatments.
  • Slab Injections – For under-construction homes where the foundation has just been laid, we recommend slab injections to prevent termite infestations for many years to come.
  • Pretreatments – Our technicians can apply broadcast pretreatments to your property to proactively prevent termite problems.
  • WDO & WDI Reports – For homeowners planning to sell their houses, we can help you get ready with these in-depth reports on termite activity on your property.

Lathrop's Leading Termite Control Company

Don’t wait while termites cause further damage to your home each day. Get in touch with Next Generation Pest Control today for the most reliable termite control treatments in the Lathrop area!

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