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What are weeds?

A plant that is invasive and grows where we don’t want it to grow is considered a weed. Some weeds lack curb appeal and are very apparent in your yard, while others try to camouflage themselves by producing bright, pretty flowers, making us think for a quick minute that we may want them in our yards!

Weeds produce quickly and in large numbers taking over a yard in a very small amount of time. Weeds are persistent pests that are difficult to control without the help of a professional and the regular lawn care services necessary to keep them at bay.

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Are weeds dangerous?

Most of the weeds we will find in our California yards aren’t particularly dangerous, but they are most definitely unwanted and unwelcome. Nobody wants weeds peppered throughout their lawn, taking away the nutrition from the soil that your grass should be receiving. Other problems associated with weeds include:

  • Their flowers may cause allergy symptoms.
  • Flowering weeds will attract stinging insects.
  • Tall weeds will provide resting spots for unwanted insects like mosquitoes. 
  • Weeds are difficult to control and can become frustrating to deal with year after year.

Why do I have a weed problem?

Weeds produce a mass amount of seeds to ensure their survival. Their seeds are carried by the wind, insects, and small animals from place to place, meaning that any property can become a place where weed seeds settle and grow. Weeds can survive in all sorts of conditions; another big reason they are so difficult to control and can become a problem anywhere.

Where will I find weeds?

One place where weeds tend not to thrive is in a well-maintained healthy lawn. A well-fertilized, well-watered lawn that is free of a lot of bare spots is not where weeds want to be. However, weeds are so successful because they thrive almost anywhere and take advantage of any space that provides them with their basic needs. Sun, shade, and wet or dry conditions can all provide weeds with the environmental conditions they need to thrive.

How do I get rid of weeds?

Remove weeds from your Manteca, California yard with the help of the professionals at Next Generation Pest Control. Weeds can quickly take over outdoor spaces and seem impossible to eliminate. But with the assistance of our professionals, you will be sure all that is growing in your yard is grass.

Our professionals will take the time to get to know you and understand your property’s exact pest control needs. Through our customized pest control solutions, you can be sure we will solve your pest problems as safely and effectively as possible. Our weed control solutions are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, making it so only the weeds are eliminated, not the plants you want!

To learn more about our weed control services, reach out to Next Generation Pest Control today!

How can I prevent weeds in the future?

We have put together a list of tips that you can utilize to help keep weed activity in your yard at bay.

  • Mow your lawn to its ideal height.
  • Reseed your lawn’s bare spots to prevent weeds from taking over the open space.
  • In flowerbeds, use mulch to smother weeds.
  • Make sure to fertilize your grass appropriately.
  • Using mulch in garden areas can help to deprive weeds of the sun they need to grow.
  • Keep your lawn well irrigated.

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