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Help! I Have Been Finding A Lot Of Spider Webs Around My Manteca Property

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Finding multiple spider webs around your Manteca property can only mean one thing – a number of spiders are also hiding out around your home. Following certain prevention tips can help keep these pests off your property.

Common Area Spiders

In Manteca, there are certain spiders that you may commonly encounter on or around your property. Most of the spiders that you come across will be harmless, and each spider tends to build and use its web differently. If you see multiple webs and web types, you likely have a large spider problem. Some of the spiders you may find in our area include:

  • Orb Weavers: These spiders range in color and make large, circular webs that are stereotypically associated with spiders. They use their webs to catch food and often work on them daily. 
  • Common House Spiders: These spiders also range in color and size but will leave plenty of tangled-looking webs around your home. They also use these webs to catch food and will spend most of their time in the web.
  • Recluse Spiders: Medically dangerous spiders, there are four varieties of recluse spiders in California. They have brown bodies and darker violin-shaped markings on their backs. Their webs are chaotic in appearance and are mostly used for shelter. 
  • Black Widows: Another medically dangerous spider, the black widow has a black body with a red hourglass mark on its abdomen. They spin sticky webs close to the ground and use them to catch food and hide.

Spider Prevention Tips

To get rid of the spider webs that you see all around your Manteca property, you should work on preventing spiders from entering your home in the first place.

  • Spiders will typically enter your home in search of food, and that food is usually other pests, such as cockroaches, beetles, and ants. If you have a pest-prey problem in your house, you will likely also have a spider problem. Eliminate pests from your property with the help of Next Generation Pest Control and other basic pest prevention tips to help keep spiders away.
  • Discourage spiders from setting up webs in your home by regularly de-webbing. This process involves dusting and sweeping under appliances, in corners, and other secluded areas of your house to eliminate spider webs.
  • Block off potential entry points in your home to stop spiders and other pests from entering in the first place. Seal up gaps and cracks in windows, doors, and your foundation, update window and door screens and make sure weatherstripping and door sweeps are intact.
  • Fix moisture issues taking place either inside or outside your home. Pools of moisture can draw spiders or other pests searching for water, so eliminating these sources will make your property more inhospitable.
  • Keep your yard clear of debris and the grass trimmed low to reduce hiding spots for spiders or other pests. You should also store firewood at least ten feet away from your home, as black widows love to hide in firewood.

Professional Spider Assistance

If you are experiencing trouble with spiders in your house, your first step should be to contact Next Generation Pest Control for more advice or assistance. Our experts will thoroughly evaluate your property and develop targeted, effective pest control solutions to free your home of both spiders and their pest prey.

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