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How To Get Rid Of Odorous House Ants In Manteca Homes

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Have you ever smelled an ant before? We know this is a weird question, but we promise it is pertinent for the bugs we will be talking about today; odorous house ants. This invading house pest is causing a stink for area homeowners in more ways than one. To help you better understand odorous house ants, we have some things you should know, including what problems they cause, how they get inside, and what strategies work best to eliminate them from Manteca homes.

What Problems Odorous House Ants Cause

Odorous house ants are among the most problematic species of ants in our area. These 1/8″ to 3/16” long, brown to black pests are best identified by their unevenly shaped thorax and the pungent rotten coconut-like odor they release when crushed. Aside from this nasty smell, odorous house ants are also known to contaminate stored food products. Fortunately, these pests are not known for spreading any forms of dangerous diseases. The majority of the problems they cause are with their presence and the way they crawl through living areas.

How Odorous House Ants Get Inside

Odorous house ants are not the largest pests. Because of their small size and ability to scale walls, these ants regularly find their way into homes through gaps, cracks, and other openings. They regularly find these entry points running through the exterior foundation of structures and through damaged or improperly installed window/door screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps.

In order to keep odorous house ants out of your living areas, you have to address these points of entry. Here are some practical ways to do this:

  • Use a caulking gun or some liquid cement to fill in holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Make sure your home’s window/door screens are rip/tear-free and installed properly.
  • Replace weathered or damaged door sweeps, and install door sweeps under exterior doors that do not already have them.
  • Make sure your home’s weatherstripping is in good condition.
  • Keep unscreened doors and windows closed when they are not in use.

Seven Other Strategies That Prevent Odorous House Ants

Sealing your home’s exterior is not the only way to keep odorous house ants out of your living areas. To really make sure these pests stay outside where they belong, here are seven other great prevention strategies to use:

  1. Address moisture issues in and around your home, this includes fixing leaky piping, eliminating sources of water build-up, and using a dehumidifier indoors.
  2. Pick up food messes and drink spills as they occur inside your home.
  3. Store leftover food inside airtight metal, glass, or plastic containers.
  4. Thoroughly clean your home at least once per week.
  5. Reduce the clutter in and around your home and do your best to organize storage areas.
  6. Clean out your pets’ food and water bowls after they finish their meals.
  7. Make sure your trash cans have tight-fitting lids.

A Guaranteed Solution To Odorous House Ants

If you do not have the time or energy to prevent odorous house ants on your own, do not worry. Give these invading pests the boot by partnering with Next Generation Pest Control. We use industrial-grade products to keep problematic pests out of area homes. Whether you are looking for a quick fix to an ant infestation or a long-term solution to keep these pests at bay, we have your residential pest control options here.

Contact our team today to discover what Manteca pest control options are available to you or to schedule your home for a detailed pest inspection. We will send a technician your way ASAP with a solution to fit your need.

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