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Effective Pest Control In Lathrop, California

One of the most diverse areas in California, Lathrop is a stereotypical desert town located in central California. What’s not so stereotypical about this place, however, is the number of pests that call this area home. Thousands of unique species roam Lathrop’s nearby neighborhoods and commercial industries, looking for weak places to infiltrate. Given enough time and leeway, pests like termites, cockroaches, and rodents can overtake a home within a matter of weeks. That’s why so many residents in Lathrop believe in the life-changing results of professional pest control.

It can be challenging to find a pest control company that takes all of your needs into consideration. Thankfully, effective pest control in Lathrop, CA is not difficult to find. The award-winning pest management team at Next Generation Pest Control has your back, with 60 years of combined experience. We don’t waste time by showing off our credentials or toting clout. Instead, we get down to brass tacks by proving exactly what we can and will do for your property. Interested in learning more? Contact the professionals at Next Generation Pest Control by calling our Lathrop location now.

Home Pest Control In Lathrop, California

Homeowners all over Lathrop city have trusted Next Generation Pest Control with their residential pest protection. Today, our company stands firm on the tenants we were founded on: integrity, service, and total satisfaction. Our home pest control in Lathrop, CA include protection from each of the following pests:

  • Pest Birds 
  • Rats, Mice, And Gophers 
  • Bed Bugs 
  • Cockroaches 
  • Fleas And Ticks

In addition to these pests, Next Generation Pest Control is prepared to help with specialty pests all over Lathrop, including stinging insects and occasional invaders. Schedule an initial inspection by calling us at your earliest convenience.

German Cockroach

A Guide To Identifying German Cockroaches In Lathrop

Although there are several varieties of cockroach endemic to the Lathrop area, one, in particular, is one of the worst: the German cockroach. These pests are extremely destructive and spread serious strains of illness that may require some form of medical attention. The most common pathogens may include:

  • Salmonellosis 
  • Typhoid fever 
  • Cholera 
  • Gastroenteritis 
  • Dysentery 
  • Listeriosis 
  • Giardia
  • E. coli

While every cockroach species appears slightly different in color, shape, and size, each of these pests possesses six legs, two antennae, and a pair of folded wings. German cockroaches in particular are between 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch long and are light brown or tan in color. These roaches may have two black stripes running from the tops of their head, and have extremely long antennae that seem longer than their bodies.

If you think or know that a German cockroach could be present inside your home, don’t wait for an infestation to take root. Instead, contact the professional team at Next Generation Pest Control. Give us a call today to schedule total German cockroach control in Lathrop, CA.


The Secret To Keeping Mice Away From Your French Camp Property

There are three primary species of rodent found around Lathrop properties: rats, mice, and gophers. Gophers are lawn pests that prefer to stay outdoors if at all possible. These animals rarely enter the home and tend to run away when confronted by humans. In contrast, rats and mice are pests that are heavily reliant on human activity. When given the opportunity, rodents will exploit the entry points in your home and make a nest inside your building. Rats and mice, in particular, are known for their ability to cause physical injuries, as well as spread serious illness.

If you are interested in preventing rodents from reaching your Lathrop property, try using one or more of these four steps:

  1. Trim away all vegetation from the sides of the house. This will keep gophers, rats, and mice from coming too close for comfort. 
  2. Store all garbage and food waste inside a properly sealed container. Trash should be removed from the home at least once per week, and moved to an outdoor can with an airtight lid. 
  3. If you have a compost pile in the yard, try and remember to turn it frequently to eliminate your risks for rodent activity. 
  4. Invest in professional rodent control measures from Next Generation Pest Control.

Learn more about our reliable rodent control services in Lathrop, CA.

Commercial Pest Control In Lathrop, California

If you own a business anywhere around the Lathrop, CA area, you will require extensive commercial pest control services to keep your property safe. With over 400 varieties of insects, mammals, and wildlife creatures, leaving your livelihood up to chance is never a safe bet.

Instead, allow the innovative team at Next Generation Pest Control to design a commercial pest control plan just for you. Key us in to your needs by submitting a contact form with the following information:

  • Your name 
  • Your business name 
  • Your contact information 
  • The pests that are near your property

Reach out to us today to learn more about our total commercial pest control solutions in Lathrop, CA.

Bird Control Strategies That Do Not Work

Controlling birds around your Lathrop property can be tricky because they are part of nature and find everything they need very easily on your property. Some of the DIY strategies that do not work in these instances include:

  • Decoy animals after a sustained period of time
  • Installing ultrasonic devices
  • Lethal items such as traps, poisons, and pellet guns
  • Using mylar balloons and other shiny objects

At Next Generation Pest Control, we provide you with a team of expert technicians who genuinely care about your success. All of our methods follow Integrated Pest Management guidelines for optimal results. Our program includes ethical and effective methods such as netting, jolt tracks, bird spikes, and optical gel. We customize the exact tools we’ll implement based on your specific needs and we’ll return for a maintenance visit within two weeks to monitor the results of these treatments. For more information on effective bird control in Lathrop, contact us today.

Guide To Preventing House Spiders

House spiders enter Lathrop homes that provide them with access to conducive conditions, lots of food, and a place to hide out. In order to prevent them from becoming an issue, it’s important to also address the pests that they eat. Here are some very helpful tips to address both concerns:

  • Keep moisture to a minimum. Spiders thrive in damp and dank environments and water is also largely responsible for attracting pests like cockroaches, flies, and ants, which are all a part of a spider’s diet. In order to reduce water issues, stay ahead of leaks by checking spigots and pipes routinely, always shut off faucets and bathtubs, and use dehumidifiers around the home. 

  • Keep it clean. Both spiders and their prey like to hide amidst pockets of clutter, so start by getting rid of excess items. Other important parts of creating a clean home are sweeping up crumbs, storing all food in airtight containers, and limiting food consumption to one room of the house.

  • Seal things up. Another important step in keeping homes free from spiders is by simply filling in the gaps, whether they’re present in foundations, around doors, or in window screens. Opt for weatherstripping around loose doors, silicone-based caulk for foundations, and screen replacements for windows. 

For more information on house spider prevention, contact Next Generation Pest Control today. 

So, You’ve Discovered Your Lathrop Home Has Bed Bugs; Now What?

If you’ve discovered bed bugs inside of your Lathrop home, there is no need to worry; the solution is simple. The first thing you should do is call the team at Next Generation Pest Control right away. We offer homeowners bed bug removal services in Lathrop that countless customers have trusted for years.

Our process begins with both a conversation about the bed bug activity you’ve noticed around the home and where you might have picked them up as well as a complete inspection of your property. We go room by room, checking for signs of bed bugs, subtle as they may be. From there, we’ll go over our findings with you and discuss what your options for treatment are. If you decide to move forward with our services, then we will provide you with a pre-treatment checklist so that we can perform the most effective service.

On treatment day, we request that you vacate your home for at least several hours and we will perform our agreed upon service. When we treat your home, we don’t miss anything because if we do, it’s possible to develop a more complicated infestation. When we finish, we will also discuss ways that you can limit your exposure to bed bugs in the future, and our services even come with a warranty. 

For more information on getting rid of the bed bugs in your home, call us today.

The Damage Weeds Cause To Your Lathrop Lawn

Weeds are unwanted invaders that can harm your Lathrop lawn, and you often don’t even know it’s happening. These pests essentially choke the nutrients out of your lawn and plants, which can leave you with a significant amount of damage. Some of the specific ways that weeds can harm your lawn include:

  • An increase in insect populations, which can in turn cause the attraction of other pests 
  • Prevention of growth of other plants and flowers by competing for space
  • Parasitic issues like disease and lack of sustenance for plants
  • Aesthetic issues like brown and dry grass, which can also impact your property value
  • Loss of potassium, nitrogen, and other nutrients that make your lawn weak and susceptible to issues
  • Health issues like asthma and allergies for people, which stem from weeds like ragweed
  • More work and physical labor for you in general as well as tripping hazards

At Next Generation Pest Control, we provide weed control for invaders like foxtail, pennywort, crabgrass, and more. Our comprehensive services protect and nourish your lawn to prevent all the damage that it can be exposed to. For more information on our lawn care offerings in Lathrop, please contact us today. 

Clear Signs Of Ants In Lathrop

Ants are one of the most common types of pests in the Lathrop area, but because of their furtive activity, sometimes determining their presence can be a challenging task. Here are a few cut-and-dried signs of ants that may help people make a proper identification of ant activity:

  • Mounds outdoors 

  • Strong odors in places such as kitchens

  • Damage to wood that leaves it looking shredded or overly smooth

  • Scratching sounds that come from within walls

  • Trails of ants usually leading to garbage bins or kitchen sinks

  • Ant eggs

  • Frass, which is excrement that carpenter ants produce when burrowing inside wood

At Next Generation Pest Control, we can help properly identify ant activity and devise the necessary treatments to remove them. Each of our technicians is expertly trained and knows exactly which signs to look for around a property. Our services are informed by Integrated Pest Management methodologies, so we are able to eliminate the factors that attract ants as part of our service. Whether we’re working with a local business or homeowner, we can include coverage for ants in the services we provide. We treat areas such as baseboards, foundations, and entryways to make properties less enticing to ants, and we even guarantee the results. To learn more about preventing ants, call us today! 

Fleas Are A Health Risk For Both People And Pets In Lathrop

Fleas are parasites that can be very detrimental to the well-being of people and pets in Lathrop. As parasites, they feed off of the blood of their hosts, and when it pertains to pets, they are a particular threat. Cats and dogs are preferred hosts for fleas not only because they are an ideal food source but because their furry coats allow fleas to feed for extended periods of time. These types of feedings can lead to anemia in pets, which can cause lethargy and a host of other health problems. Flea bites can also spread tapeworms to pets and can also be the source of murine typhus in both people and pets. 

People are less enticing to fleas; however, they can still suffer from flea bites. In many instances, the accumulation of flea bites around the knees and ankles can cause lots of scratching followed by skin infections. At Next Generation Pest Control, we design flea control services around the unique needs of each of our customers. Our technicians take the required amount of time to understand the extent of flea problems and deliver the most effective treatments possible, and we guarantee the results. Call us today for more information!

What Could Be Attracting Pantry Moths To Homes In Lathrop?

Here are a few of the subtle ways that people may be luring pantry moths to their Lathrop homes:

  • Improper food storage: As their name would suggest, pantry moths are often seeking items that get kept in the kitchen. Snacks such as dried fruits and nuts are appealing to them as well as baking ingredients, cereal, and even pet foods. If these items aren’t kept in airtight containers, then pantry moths may be on their way. 

  • Outdoor food sources: One of the other very common ways that people attract pantry moths to their properties without knowing it is by having bird feeders. The seeds that they contain are highly appealing to these pests. 

  • Hitchhiking: It’s also easy to bring pantry moths into your home inadvertently. Sometimes they lay eggs inside of snacks and other food items, which then hatch and spawn off infestations. 

  • Having openings: Pantry moths are able to get inside homes via very small gaps, so having crevices around doors and windows gives them a way inside.

Call Next Generation Pest Control for pantry moth control today. 

Call Us Today For Effective Stinging Insect Control In Lathrop

Stinging insects such as wasps and bees are plentiful in the Lathrop area. They are drawn to properties due to seasonal conditions as well as blossoming plants, garbage build-up, other food sources, leaky pipes, stagnant water sources, and other factors that may be difficult to control. That’s why the most effective form of stinging insect control is professional help from Next Generation Pest Control. Our team of pest experts has more than 60 years of combined experience and we always aim to make your experience with us as straightforward as possible. 

The services we provide are built around the methods of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which means a few key things for your property. To start, IPM standards help us identify the root cause of your stinging insect population. This information is vital in not only eliminating the problem but also in helping to prevent its return. IPM techniques also allow us to be as environmentally conscious as possible because we are working to reduce conducive conditions. Our home pest control program can include coverage for stinging insects if you desire this type of protection. We provide a variety of full-yard treatments that even include removing wasp nests. Call us today for more information! 

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