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Dependable Pest Management In Modesto, CA

Located in the heart of California, the town of Modesto, CA, is a wonderful place to live. Between the tree-lined streets, local farm stands, and vibrant downtown, Modesto offers all the old-world charm one could ask for. Not so charming, however, is the fact that pest infestation is a year-round problem. If you own a home or businesses in Modesto, it’s important to address your pest control needs. It can be overwhelming, and that’s why we’re here to help. 

Next Generation Pest Control is your local source of complete residential, commercial, and industrial pest control solutions. Our goal is to eliminate all pests from homes and businesses throughout Stanislaus County and the surrounding areas, bringing you peace of mind at home and work. From bed bug control and bird control, to rodent exclusion and gopher removal services, we’ve got your back. Call us today to learn more about our pest control solutions, and how we can help you.

Home Pest Control In Modesto, CA

There are many beautiful homes here in Modesto, and unfortunately, they’re all vulnerable to pest infestation. The best way to protect your Modesto home from household pest infestation is to call in the pros. Our residential pest control solutions allow you to secure year-round protection from pest activity. When you go with Next Generation Pest Control, you get:

  • Customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Easy, hassle-free service process.
  • Honest, quality work and customer service.
  • Same-day services and appointments.
  • Short-term and long-term pest solutions.
  • Handling of even the most under-the-radar pest problems.

Our team of highly trained, certified pest control experts work hard to get to the bottom of your household pest problem. We take the time to do things right, thoroughly treating the areas with customized pest solutions you can rely on. We also work hard at building customer relationships, creating lasting bonds for years to come. Reach out to us to discuss your residential pest control needs today.

large bed bug

How To Tell If I Have Bed Bugs In My Modesto Home

Bed bug infestation is a nightmare that you don’t want to experience in your Modesto home. These nocturnal parasites only come out to feed at night, making it very difficult for us to catch them in the act. There are, however, some signs to look out for. Here are a few helpful ways to tell whether or not you have bed bugs in your home:

  • Discarded eggshell casings and excrement spots around hiding areas.
  • Red stains of blood left on linens and sheets after feeding.
  • Waking up with a linear formation of little red bites.

If you think you may have a bed bug situation on your hands, the best plan of action is to contact the pest professionals right away. Next Generation Pest Control is here to address all your bed bug control needs. The sooner we address the problem, the more effectively we can keep the infestation from spreading. Reach out today to learn more about our total bed bug control services in Modesto, CA.

ant prevention

Modesto Homeowner's Guide To Effective Ant Control

Here in Modesto, ants are common household pests that are present all year round. They’re very tiny intruders, and they can fit into the smallest openings around your house. Once they get inside, they can be very hard to get rid of, and that’s why it’s important to be proactive. Luckily, there are some ways you can prevent ants from infesting your home. 

Proper sanitation goes a long way in preventing ant activity, so be conscious of your cleanliness. Keep food in airtight containers, clean up spills and crumbs immediately, wash dirty dishes promptly, and regularly sweep and vacuum your space. Make sure to seal off entrances, repair cracks and crevices, and spray an ant barrier insecticide around your home. 

At the end of the day, the most reliable source of ant control is to get help from the pros at Next Generation Pest Control. Our team is extensively experienced handling local area ant species, and we guarantee ant-free results you can rely on throughout the year. Call us today to request your detailed quote for our ant control and prevention services.

Commercial Pest Control In Modesto, CA

We work hard to protect Modesto businesses from pest threats, because an infestation is a quick way to ruin a perfectly good reputation. We provide general pest control solutions, specializing in commercial pest control for birds, bed bugs, rodents, and gophers. Our commercial pest control process includes:

  • Regularly checking entrances and hiding places.
  • Sealing off access points to prevent future infestation.
  • Ongoing pest maintenance and prevention plans.
  • Regular, customized inspections to meet your unique needs.

Our team also offers online pest identification services, wherein our customers can get convenient access to a professional opinion on their specific pest situation. Call in the team at Next Generation Pest Control for all your commercial pest control needs; we’re here to help.

Don’t Try To Get Rid Of Birds On Your Modesto Property On Your Own

Believe it or not, birds can be one of the most frustrating pests for homeowners to keep off their properties. Birds are wild animals that move onto any property that meets their needs and, once at home, are pretty challenging to evict!

Birds are tricky to get rid of, and they can cause significant problems for people, including spreading disease, causing structural damage, and producing large amounts of unsightly excrement.

The fastest and most effective way to get rid of birds from your California property is to partner with a local bird control expert. At Next Generation Pest Control, our highly trained bird removal experts will safely and humanely remove pest birds from your property and help you stop their return. To learn more about bird control in Modesto, call today!

Tips For A Cockroach-Free Modesto Home

A cockroach infestation can happen in any of our Modesto homes. The best way to avoid problems with cockroaches is to learn how to keep cockroaches away from your Modesto home.

Understanding where cockroaches are most likely to congregate in your house is essential. Most cockroaches prefer to live in warm damp areas making our kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and crawl spaces most susceptible to cockroach infestations.

You can maintain a cockroach-free home by:

  • Inspecting everything you bring into your home, especially second-hand items for cockroaches
  • Checking your home’s exterior and sealing any openings discovered to keep wandering cockroaches out 
  • Regularly cleaning your home’s surfaces
  • Vacuuming your home’s floor 
  • Properly storing your family’s food 
  • Reducing excess moisture by ensuring your home has good ventilation, using dehumidifiers
  • Repairing leaky pipes and fixtures 

Despite your best efforts, if cockroaches find their way into your Modesto home, don’t hesitate to contact us at Next Generation Pest Control for assistance. We are here to help and will quickly solve your property’s cockroach problems!

Four Things Every Modesto Homeowner Should Know About Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks in Modesto are blood-feeding pests that their animal hosts regularly introduce into our California yards and homes.

Knowing these four things will help you to stop fleas and ticks from taking over your property:

  1. Fleas and ticks move most effectively on the backs of their animal hosts. Rodents, wild animals, and pets move from place to place; they transport fleas and ticks from place to place. 

  2. Fleas and ticks are biting pests; as they feed on the blood of their different hosts, they can transmit diseases that make their hosts ill.

  3. Fleas and ticks are not just a problem for pet owners. These pests can move into any home on the backs of wild animals and rodents or by hitchhiking a ride on people. 

  4. A great way to help keep fleas and ticks out of your yard is to remove things that attract wild animals- bird feeders, open trash cans, pet food, and yard debris.

Being proactive and scheduling regular pest control services is essential to avoid problems with these biting pests. Please reach out now to learn more about our flea and tick control options in Modesto. 

An Effective Rodent Control Guide For Modesto Property Owners

Rodents are a pest that regularly finds their way into our Modesto homes. When they do, they are capable of causing structural damage, contaminating food, and contaminating surfaces with disease-causing pathogens, bacteria, and excrement. Rodents also regularly introduce parasites like fleas and ticks into homes.

  • The biggest reason rodents become a problem inside our Modesto homes is that we provide them with the food, water, and shelter they need to survive. You need to take immediate action if you spot rodents hanging out in your yard or see them scurrying through your home. 

At Next Generation Pest Control, we know the common rodents in Modesto, where to find them, and how to get them out of your home and keep them out. Call now to discover the benefits of partnering with us for your rodent control need in Modesto!

Expert Weed Control Solutions In Modesto

Struggling with stubborn weeds in your Modesto property? At Next Generation Pest Control, weed control is our area of expertise. We understand the frustration and harm that weeds can cause in your beautiful gardens, lawns, and even in grassy areas. Our approach is not just about controlling the problem; it’s about maintaining the health and beauty of your outdoor spaces.

Our comprehensive weed control strategy includes a variety of methods to suit your specific needs. For those challenging weeds in grassy areas, we offer specialized services that target weeds without harming the grass. This includes:

  • Fertilization and weed prevention: We understand that a healthy lawn is the best defense against weeds. Our fertilization services ensure your grass is robust and dense, making it difficult for weeds to establish themselves.

  • Yard spray and granular treatments: Depending on your lawn’s specific needs, we offer both spray and granular treatments. These are available in selective and non-selective formulas, ensuring that only the unwanted weeds are targeted.

  • Pre-emergent and broad-leaf Solutions: To stop weeds before they start, we use pre-emergent treatments. For those broad-leaf weeds that are already present, we have effective solutions that target these without damaging the surrounding foliage.

  • Customized treatments catered to customer needs: Every lawn is unique, and so are your needs. We tailor our weed control services to fit your specific situation, ensuring the most effective and efficient treatment.

  • Mechanical weed removal: For immediate results, we also offer mechanical weed removal. This method physically removes the weed from your property, providing instant relief from weed infestations.

This proactive approach not only eliminates current infestations but also prevents future growth, keeping your outdoor areas in perfect condition. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us help you maintain the beauty and health of your outdoor spaces.

How Pantry Pests Get Inside Modesto Homes

Pantry pests are a frequent and often unnoticed problem, gaining entry into homes and causing significant disruption in Modesto kitchens. 

These pests commonly enter homes through:

  • Packaged foods: Often, pantry pests are inadvertently brought into homes within packaged food items. Eggs or larvae of these pests can be present in various food products, hatching once inside your pantry.

  • Cracks and crevices: Tiny openings in walls, floors, and foundations of homes serve as gateways for pantry pests. They exploit these small spaces to access your kitchen and pantry areas.

  • Unsealed windows and doors: Sometimes, pantry pests can enter through poorly sealed windows and doors, especially if they are attracted to food odors.

  • Ventilation systems: Some pests use ventilation systems as a pathway into your home, particularly if these systems are not properly screened or maintained.

At Next Generation Pest Control, our pantry pest control service is expertly designed to address these issues. Once we identify the common entry points in your home, our skilled technicians will use safe and effective treatments to eliminate the current infestation. Additionally, we provide valuable advice on how to seal these entry points and implement preventive measures to ensure these pests don’t return. Our goal is to help you maintain a pest-free pantry, ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your food storage areas.

Common Spiders Found Around Modesto And How To Prevent Them

While various types of spiders like the common house spider and the cellar spider can be beneficial for controlling other pests, their invasion into living spaces can be a cause for concern. At Next Generation Pest Control, we specialize in spider removal, including these and other species, and emphasize the importance of prevention methods that homeowners can implement themselves.

To prevent spider infestations, regular home maintenance is key. This includes keeping your home clean and clutter-free, as spiders, particularly those like the wolf spider that prefer quiet, undisturbed areas, often hide in such spaces. Pay special attention to basements, attics, and garages, where spiders are likely to find secluded spots. Regular vacuuming and dusting can remove spiders and their webs, disrupting their living environment.

Sealing entry points is another crucial prevention method. Inspect for cracks and gaps around windows, doors, and your home’s foundation, and seal them to keep spiders out. Managing outdoor lighting can also help, as lights attract the insects that spiders, such as orb-weavers, feed on, drawing them closer to your home.

While these preventive measures can be effective, sometimes an infestation, possibly of more concerning species like the black widow, may require professional intervention. If you find yourself facing a persistent or large-scale spider problem in Modesto, Next Generation Pest Control is here to help. Our experienced team understands the habits of different spider species and employs targeted strategies to safely and effectively remove them from your home. Contact us for expert spider removal services and enjoy a comfortable, spider-free living environment.

The Best Way To Prevent Stinging Insects In Modesto

Residents of Modesto are no strangers to the challenges posed by stinging insects. These pests can turn outdoor spaces into areas of discomfort and risk, especially during warmer months. Common attractants include overgrown vegetation, open garbage, and standing water. 

To deter stinging insects, we recommend several preventive measures:

  • Eliminating standing water: Stagnant water sources are breeding grounds for many types of insects, including those that sting. We identify and advise on how to remove or manage these water sources.

  • Maintaining clean outdoor eating areas: Leftover food and sugary drinks can attract stinging insects. We recommend regular cleaning of outdoor dining areas to avoid drawing these pests.

  • Managing vegetation and waste: Properly maintaining your garden and disposing of waste can significantly reduce the presence of stinging insects. Overgrown bushes and accumulated garden waste can provide nesting spots for these pests.

At Next Generation Pest Control, we offer expert solutions for stinging insects in Modesto. In cases of existing infestations, our trained technicians use safe and effective methods to remove nests. Living in Modesto shouldn’t mean living with the constant worry of stinging insects. Let Next Generation Pest Control help you reclaim your outdoor spaces. 

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