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Located miles from the center of Tracy, the planned community of Mountain House offers individuals and families a quaint, neighborhood to call home. The streets are windy and tree-lined and residents of Mountain House have access to a walking path, parks, and good public schools, as well as locally-owned global eateries and small businesses. Unfortunately, life in Mountain House isn’t as picture-perfect as it might appear, with pest problems threatening homeowners throughout the year. At Next Generation Pest Control, we’re the team that residents and businesses alike turn to for their San Joaquin County pest control needs. Our pest control programs are designed by a team with more than 60 years of combined experience in the field and informed by Integrated Pest Management. This means that we work alongside property owners to address current concerns while safely preventing new ones from developing. No matter what services you enlist our assistance for, all of our work is backed by a pest-free guarantee. For more information on keeping your property free from pests, contact us today.

Residential Pest Control In Mountain House

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When it comes to keeping your Mountain House home free from pests, there’s no better solution than residential pest control from Next Generation Pest Control. With more than six decades of combined experience, our technicians are experts in solving pest problems that range from ant infestations to termite damage. We turn to Integrated Pest Management in order to create a treatment plan that is unique to your needs. We provide homeowners with regular maintenance in order to ensure the effectiveness of our work and guarantee that pests both old and new do not become an issue. Whether you’re facing termites or looking to prevent rodents, we can help. Contact us today for more information on maintaining a pest-free home.

Commercial Pest Control In Mountain House

No two businesses are the same and neither are the pest problems that they encounter. At Next Generation Pest Control, every treatment plan that we develop is done so to exacting specifications and unique to the customers that we work with. Our methods are grounded in Integrated Pest Management, which means that we will work to understand both the environmental and biological factors that surround your property and treat them accordingly. When you partner with us for your commercial pest control needs, you can rest assured that we are actively addressing potential problems as well as eradicating old ones. And with customer service that’s available around the clock, you’ll never have to handle pests alone. To learn more about the services we offer, contact us today.

The Trick To Spotting A Bed Bug Problem In Your Mountain House Home

Bed bugs are tricky parasites that can enter your Mountain House home in a multitude of ways that you might never see coming. Sometimes they affix themselves to personal belongings after trips to the mall or going out to eat, while other times they jump between shared walls of multi-unit housing. Because bed bugs are active almost exclusively at night, identifying an infestation can be a tall task; however, if you see any of the following signs in your home, you may have a bed bug problem:
  • A strong, musty odor
  • Waking up with red, itchy bites that you don’t remember getting
  • Reddish-orange staining on sheets and blankets
  • Fecal matter that resembles pepper flakes
  • Live bed bugs
  • Nymphs, eggs, and eggshells
At Next Generation Pest Control, we are dedicated to bringing homeowners safe answers to all of their bed bug problems because we know how stressful a bed bug infestation can be. During the treatment process, we customize every aspect to your specific needs and all of our work is safe for people and their pets and guarantee their full removal. For more information on bed bug removal, contact us today.

A Practical Guide To Ant Prevention For Mountain House Homeowners

For Mountain House homeowners, ants are one of the most frequent invaders that they can anticipate. Here is a practical guide for preventing these sorts of issues:
  • Start by filling all of the little gaps that your home may have. This entails replacing window screens that are torn, fitting weatherstripping in the openings around doors, and installing door sweeps.
  • Next, address any leaky areas outside and inside the home. This may require checking for leaky downspouts, pipes, faucets, hoses, gutters, and bathtubs and fixing them when they occur.
  • Try to maintain a clean interior. Ants are attracted to food in all of its forms, which is why it’s so important for homeowners to clean and disinfect on a regular basis. Pay special attention to taking the trash out and tidying up when spills occur.
  • Be diligent about food in general. If fruit on the counter has gone bad, dispose of it. If there are leftovers from dinner, cover them properly and store them in the fridge.
For more information on ant control, contact Next Generation Pest Control today.

Why Pest Birds Love Roosting Around Mountain House Properties

People don’t often think of birds when they picture the most annoying or dangerous pests they can have on their property. In suburban America, birds are just another part of the landscape. But pest birds can cause many of the same problems as other pests, like rodents and roaches. They can lead to property damage and even impact our health. One of the reasons they love to hang out around our properties is because our buildings attract other pests, like the bugs they eat. Every Mountain House home or business has factors that attract pests, including food, water, and shelter, which, in turn, attract birds. To stop this cycle from starting in the first place, you need to take general pest control and bird control measures around your property. With help from Next Generation Pest Control, the process is simple. Here’s our bird control process:
  • Inspection: We check for nesting, roosting, and perching sites around your property, as well as checking for droppings and other signs of pest activity.
  • Service: We clean and sanitize affected areas, as well as install exclusion devices like spikes and netting. We also use jolt tracks and optical gel to discourage birds from using your property as a nesting ground.
  • Follow-up: We continue monitoring the situation, usually scheduling a follow-up appointment two weeks after our initial visit.
Whether birds are already leaving messes around your Mountain House property or you want to make sure they never do, contact Next Generation Pest Control for assistance with bird removal in Mountain House.

Why German Cockroaches In Mountain House Need Professional Treatment

Despite their European-sounding name, German cockroaches are the most common invasive species of cockroaches in the United States. You can identify them by the dark, horizontal dash marks on their backs, and they are just one of the kinds of roaches that will invade local homes and businesses. German cockroaches are also some of the most difficult to remove and prevent. They can squeeze through tiny cracks or holes to gain access to a property, and they are very good at hiding in hard-to-reach areas where you can’t easily apply treatments. Even store-bought products and DIY methods that take care of a couple of roaches won’t address the entire population – including the eggs elsewhere on your property. That’s where Mountain House cockroach control professionals can provide peace of mind. At Next Generation Pest Control, we use safe and effective methods to eliminate German cockroaches completely. We can also inspect your property for the earliest signs of pest infestations or factors that might put you at higher risk. So, don’t wait for cockroaches to crawl around before you take action – contact us today.

Does My Mountain House Home Need Weed Control?

You’ve probably heard the expression “grows like weeds.” It’s apt, considering weeds come out of seemingly nowhere and can be very difficult to eliminate. That’s why professional lawn care services can be so important in keeping your yard healthy and appealing. At Next Generation Pest Control, we don’t just help property owners deal with pests; we also help them with everything that keeps their lawns and decorative plants living long and happy lives. Our lawn weed control services in Mountain House stop weed problems from growing out of control, aiding the overall health of your grass and soil. In addition to weed control, we offer fertilization services that provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs. For lawn care done right in Mountain House, contact Next Generation Pest Control.

How Rodents Infest Mountain House Properties

Part of keeping your property safe from pests is knowing how infestations start in the first place. Often, a pest population starts small and is hidden in areas of your property you don’t usually check every week. Then, as pests glean food and shelter from living near you, the signs of their activity begin to become more noticeable; this is especially true of rodent infestations. Next Generation Pest Control focuses on the most vulnerable areas of your property, where pests tend first to invade and nest:
  • Yards: Most pest infestations begin outdoors, hiding in tall grass or overgrown vegetation during the warmest months of the year. They’ll also use yard debris and exterior structures as nesting grounds.
  • Access Points: From your yard, pests look for access points around a home to get inside walls – usually drawn in by food or water sources. Rodents, specifically, can chew or claw their way through the smallest crack or hole.
  • Storage Areas: Rodents will also hide in storage areas like garages, attics, and basements. Not only do these areas tend to have containers and stored items they can turn into nesting grounds, but they tend to be the darkest and most undisturbed by daily human activity.
For the best rodent control  in Mountain House, let Next Generation Pest Control get started on an inspection of your property. We’ll check all these areas and more for signs of pests or factors that might lead to them. Then, we’ll implement proven treatment methods that eliminate rodents and protect against future invasions. Contact Next Generation Pest Control to get started today.

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