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The small city of Oakley is regarded as an outdoorsy, neighborly place to call home. Given its location near Stockton, many people who live in Oakley commute for work; however, the city has lots to offer residents as well. There are local dinners, a beautiful shoreline, gastropubs, good public schools, and well-maintained parks that all add up to a high quality of life in Oakley. There are, however, many pest problems that develop throughout the year.

At Next Generation Pest Control, we are dedicated to helping local homeowners and businesses stand up to pests with solutions that produce results. With more than 60 years of combined experience amongst our staff, we are uniquely qualified to handle all of your pest problems, whether they involve cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, or other local pests. We follow Integrated Pest Management in our efforts to provide customers with lasting solutions that are customized to their needs. For more information on quality pest control in Contra Costa County, contact Next Generation Pest Control today.

Residential Pest Control In Oakley

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Your Oakley home can become the target of a pest invasion at any point throughout the year and when that happens, you need a team of experts on your side, not over-the-counter DIY methods. At Next Generation Pest Control, we have a combined six decades of experience amongst our team members, which means that there’s nothing we haven’t come across. Each homeowner we work with receives a customized treatment plan that is built on the principles of Integrated Pest Management, an ecosystem-based protocol that focuses on biological controls and structural modifications and uses chemical applications sparingly. From the findings that we collect during our initial inspection, we’ll implement treatments that call for them, which might include baseboards, harborage areas, and your foundation. We monitor the results of these treatments closely and adapt them if required. All of our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee and access to our unparalleled customer support. To learn more about residential pest control, contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Oakley

At Next Generation Pest Control, we look to protect Oakley’s businesses from pest problems through pest control programs that are customized specifically to our customers’ needs. We’re able to make this a reality by adhering to Integrated Pest Management, a system that works to understand the interactions between pests and the environment and treat them accordingly. It also means that our skilled technicians work on properly identifying pest problems rather than treating them generally. This will benefit your business by not only eliminating active pests but also preventing new infestations from taking place.

Once we have determined what the needs of your business are, we’ll move on to treatments and applications that might include setting bait stations, sealing up crevices, and treating the perimeter around your property. Regardless of what your property calls for, we always aim to make our offerings affordable and designed around your schedule. To learn more about guaranteed commercial pest control and its many benefits, contact us today.

German Cockroach Prevention Methods For Oakley Homeowners

The German cockroach is the most common species of cockroach in Oakley and across the globe. These pests are potentially hazardous to an individual’s health and have proven very difficult to get rid of once an infestation has started. Some of the ways that local homeowners can work to prevent German cockroaches include:

  • Limit food consumption to only one room of the house.
  • Seal up gaps in the foundation with materials such as silicone-based caulk.
  • Check spigots, downspouts, faucets, and pipes for leaks regularly and fix them when they occur.
  • Reduce moisture around the house with dehumidifiers.
  • Keep a tidy and hygienic environment by reducing clutter, cleaning up spills, and vacuuming.

For more information on German cockroach prevention, contact Next Generation Pest Control today.

How Dangerous Are The Spiders In My Oakley Home?

Spiders are a very common pest for Oakley residents to encounter and it’s entirely possible that you’ll come across them in your home as well. This happens for at least one of a few reasons. Spiders are attracted to damp and dark conditions, they require water, and are often hunting other pests, which means that if you spot spiders in your home, you likely have another infestation.

While most of the spiders that you’ll spot are primarily a nuisance, some of them are very dangerous. In the Oakley area, species like the black widow, desert recluse, and yellow sac spider are considered venomous. Take the infamous black widow, for example. This spider is anti-social and tends to stay in its web and wait for food to pass by. However, if a human walks by instead and they perceive a threat, they are very likely to defend themselves by biting and injecting their venom. This action can leave people with severe allergic reactions that may require professional medical help. For spider protection from dangerous species, contact Next Generation Pest Control today.

What Oakley Residents Can Do To Prevent Bed Bugs

While most of us hope to never deal with bed bugs, these biting pests are unfortunately common in Oakley. Here are several proactive measures you can take to prevent them from taking over your property.

One of the most important first steps is to inspect your home regularly, especially your mattress and furniture. Look for reddish-brown spots they leave during their nightly feedings, fecal matter stains, tiny eggs, or shed skins.

Also, be cautious when traveling, as bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers. Examine your hotel room thoroughly for any signs of bed bugs, keep your luggage elevated, and wash its contents at hot temperatures when you get home.

If you already have a bed bug infestation, consider using protective covers to encase your mattresses and box springs. It will prevent bed bugs from escaping and give you a headstart before you can move forward with professional treatments.

Keeping your home clean at all times is also essential. Remember to wash and dry your bedding regularly in hot water and dry it on high heat to kill potential bed bugs and their eggs, and take the time to declutter and vacuum often.

And finally, use caution when purchasing used clothes, furniture, and even books, as they can be bed bug havens. If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home despite taking these

preventive measures, there is no time to waste. Call Next Generation Pest Control today to learn about our bed bug treatment options and eliminate the infestation effectively.

How Pest Birds Affect Oakley Homes And Businesses

Some birds can be enjoyable to have around and are mostly discreet, except for their pleasant chirping. However, some species, like pigeons and starlings, can do anything from spreading parasites to causing expensive damage to your property.

Often, pest birds can attract secondary invaders like fleas, ticks, and mites that could then find their way into your home. And few of us would be willing to endure their constant presence, excessive noise, flapping wings, and more.

If invasive bird species have taken over your Oakley property, the best way to keep everyone safe is to rely on the help of professionals who can remove them humanely.

At Next Generation Pest Control, we offer many bird control options to help you regain control of your yard, including bird removal, cleaning and disinfecting to remove droppings and the diseases they carry and exclusion devices to prevent them from returning, including bird spikes, jolt tracks, netting, and optical gel, and more.

Don’t put up with unwanted birds for longer than you have to. Call us today to tell us about your situation and get tailored solutions that work for you.

Tips Oakley Homeowners Can Use To Reduce Weeds On Their Lawn

Having a lush and healthy lawn can be challenging in Oakley for many reasons, including lack of water and soil quality. Still, there are many ways to keep your property attractive, including the following weed control strategies:

  • Maintain your lawn: Mowing, watering, and fertilizing are critical to dense and healthy grass, which helps suppress weed growth. Ensure you have set your mower blade to the appropriate height for your grass type.
  • Take advantage of mulching: A layer of organic mulch, such as wood chips or straw, can go a long way in preventing weed growth by blocking sunlight and preventing weed seeds from germinating.
  • Consider hand-pulling: You can keep your property in top shape by inspecting your lawn regularly and manually removing weeds by pulling them out, including their roots. Doing this is easiest when the soil is moist.
  • Keep your soil healthy: Ask lawn care professionals about the benefits of aerating, dethatching, and amending the soil with organic matter. Healthy soil supports robust grass, making it more resistant to weed invasion.
  • Water deeply and infrequently: Deep watering encourages root growth, making the grass more resilient against weeds that thrive in compacted or shallow soil.

You will often need a combination of these strategies and other techniques like non-toxic and environmentally friendly weed control treatments to keep your lawn lush. Call Next Generation Pest Control today to learn about our solutions customized for your unique situation.

Mistakes Oakley Homeowners Make To Invite Rodents

While rodents are some of the most unwanted pests, you could be inadvertently inviting them into your homes if you make one or more of these common mistakes:

  • You store food improperly: Food left out in the open or easily accessible is a magnet for rodents. Store what you can in airtight containers, clean up spills promptly, and dispose of garbage regularly.
  • Your home has a lot of clutter: Excessive clutter in and around your house creates perfect hiding and nesting areas for rodents. Keeping your living space clean and organized is essential to deterring them.
  • You have unsealed entry points: Rodents can enter homes through tiny openings, and sealing them will make it much more challenging for them to take over.
  • Your lawn needs maintenance strategies: Overgrown plants are convenient bridges for rodents to enter your house. We recommend keeping your landscaping well-maintained, trimming vegetation away from the house, and clearing any debris that may shelter these invaders.
  • Your trash cans are improperly closed: Anything from leaving pet food outdoors to allowing trash to accumulate can draw rodents in. Wash your trash cans regularly and ensure they always have tight-fitting lids.

You can avoid attracting rodents by implementing proactive measures, but it takes very little for these scavengers to take over. If you are struggling with an infestation, eliminate them today with safe and effective rodent control treatments from Next Generation Pest Control.

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