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What are rodents?

In our region of California, the rodents you are most likely to encounter on your commercial or residential property are the mouse or rat. Both rats and mice have adapted to living near people and take advantage our properties to satisfy their basic needs. The most frequent invaders of our Manteca homes and businesses are the Norway rat, roof rat, house mouse, and field mouse.

Though adult mice are smaller in size than adult rats, they tend to invade properties in larger numbers than rats, making the amount of damage these pests can create on our California properties about even.

Their most identifying feature (continuously growing front incisors) enables them to cause the damage they are so well-known for. To stop their teeth from overgrowing, they constantly gnaw on objects; when they’re in our homes, this behavior causes big problems!

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Are rodents dangerous?

There are around 35 diseases associated with rodents, making them pests you don’t want crawling around your home’s counters, tables, and floors or rummaging through your family’s food.

Rodents are also carriers of other pests that also spread diseases. Fleas and ticks are regularly introduced into yards and homes by rodents.

Not only do rodents spread diseases, but they are very destructive; having them in your home will lead to chewed wires and cables, flooring, walls, and furniture.

Why do I have a rodent problem?

Both rats and mice are rodents that can cause many issues when they decide to make your Manteca property into their home. Rodents are intelligent creatures and can problem solve; they have no trouble finding or, if necessary, creating their own entryways into structures that they want to nest in.

Rodents have a high metabolism and are always on the lookout for reliable food sources. Unfortunately, our yards and homes often help them to meet their needs. Things like trash cans, gardens, and our pet’s food will attract these critters to our yards. Searching for more food sources will often lead them into our homes, finding a way inside through small gaps in the foundation, vents, windows, and doors.

Once rodents feel comfortable and are finding food, they will stick around.

Where will I find rodents?

Rodents, such as mice and rats, live where there are people, and you can find them in almost any environment, from urban to rural.

In yards, mice and rats will nest in secluded spots like dense vegetation, under decks or foundations, and things like fallen trees or woodpiles. Our garages and sheds are also popular hangouts for these opportunistic pests.

Rodents often move into our homes, searching for a quiet, warm place to nest or forage for new food sources. Inside, these prey animals like to stay out of sight by living and traveling behind wall voids, under floors, and behind large pieces of furniture or appliances.

How do I get rid of rodents?

Partner with a professional to stop rodents from taking over your Manteca, California yard or home. At Next Generation Pest Control, we understand the behaviors and preferences of the rodents that live in our area, helping us to effectively eliminate them and prevent them from returning. Through our customized rodents control solutions, including our removal and exclusion services, you can be sure we will solve your property’s unique rodent problems! To learn more about our residential or commercial pest control solutions, call us today! We do pest control the right way, ensuring that your pest problems are gone for good!

How can I prevent rodents in the future?

We have put together a list of tips that you can utilize to prevent future problems with rodents in your California yard or home.

  • Keep these agile creatures from gaining easy access to your home’s exterior by keeping shrubs, bushes, and trees cut back from your home’s exterior. 
  • Place screens over vents, chimneys, and seal space around utilities entering into your home.
  • Repair any cracks or gaps that develop in your foundation or exterior walls immediately.
  • Keep your home free of a lot of clutter that could initially mask a rodent infestation.
  • Remove clutter from your yard like woodpiles or brush piles where rodents can hide near your home. 
  • Store things like trash cans, recycling bins, and compost in containers with locking lids and well-away from the outside walls of your home.
  • Make your yard less interesting to rodents by keeping the grass cut short, maintaining gardens, removing bird feeders, and picking up uneaten pet food.

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