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The Most Effective Way To Protect Your Manteca Home From Termites

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Manteca is a suburb of Stockton, CA, in San Joaquin County. It is in the Central Valley of California and lies 76 miles east of San Francisco. The summers are hot and dry, while the winters are mild with stretches of rainy weather. Manteca offers many amenities, including beautiful vistas to enjoy, along with many parks and hiking trails. Not only is there an increase in people moving from larger cities to Manteca, but there is also an increase in local pests. Thanks to the dry summers and mild winters, pests in the area remain active year-round. One pest, in particular, is termites. These pests are silent destroyers that can damage the structural integrity of your home without you even knowing it. Termite damage can cost a homeowner over three thousand dollars yearly. Without proper pest control in Manteca, these tenacious pests might remain in your home for a long time. If you struggle with termites in your Manteca home, turn to Next Generation Pest Control for complete termite elimination.

You’re Likely Never To See A Termite

Termites are like thieves who silently invade homes and steal valuables. In the case of a termite, the valuables they are stealing are the wood that shores up your home. In Manteca, the subterranean termite is of particular concern to locals. Subterranean termite colorations range from creamy white to dark brown/black, naturally blending in with their surroundings. They are also tiny (1/8 inch long), making them difficult to spot. Termites access homes through cracks as small as 1/16 inch, meaning they can slip into your home undetected and quickly begin to shred wood and any other cellulose products they can locate. By the time most homeowners realize they have a termite problem in their home, significant damage has occurred. Recognizing the early warning signs of termite damage in your home can significantly reduce damages, remove infestations, and save you from spending a lot of money. 

Signs Of Termite Damage To Look For Around The House

While termites may be stealthy, they don’t leave the scene of a crime without leaving evidence of their destruction. Homeowners that pick up on early signs of termite damage can help minimize their destructive ways. Here are seven signs to look for if you suspect termites have invaded your Manteca home.

Seven signs of termite damage include:

  1. The discovery of wood that looks dark and blistered.
  2. Hearing hollow sounds after tapping wood.
  3. Sagging floors.
  4. Bubbling or sunken areas behind wallpaper/paint.
  5. Wood that crumbles when poked.
  6. If you are finding discarded wings from a termite swarm in your house, typically around windows and doors.
  7. Frass is a saw-dust type material located close to an infestation site.

If homeowners believe they’ve stumbled across signs of a termite infestation, an immediate call to action is necessary. To get a jump on ridding themselves of termites, homeowners should immediately call Next Generation Pest Control for termite control services.

How To Identify And Remove Factors That Attract Termites

Active termites require two things for survival: food and moisture. When the sources of these life-sustaining elements get in short supply, termites will seek an alternative source. Homeowners often inadvertently “advertise” their ability to provide termites with the life-saving items they need to survive. Removal of termite attractions can greatly aid homeowners in putting a barrier between termites and homes.

Four ways homeowners can eliminate factors that attract termites include:

  1. Keep water away from your structure by fixing leaks that cause water accumulation near foundations.
  2. Keep high-humidity areas dry with proper ventilation (especially crawl spaces).
  3. Inspect cracks and crevices in your foundation and seal with silicone-based caulking.
  4. Clean up any wood debris in your yard (never bury it in the ground), and keep a one-inch gap between your building and the wood.

Despite your best efforts, termites have an uncanny way of finding their way into homes. If you have found evidence of termites in your home, contact one of our service managers at Next Generation Pest Control for complete termite control. You can count on us to eliminate termites and prevent them from returning. 

Contact The Pros At The First Sign Of Termites In Your House

Since termites are incredibly destructive, you need a top-notch pest control company like Next Generation Pest Control. Our family and Vet-owned company provide Manteca and the surrounding areas with excellent customer service and effective pest removal services. We listen to our customers and develop a specific plan tailored to your individual needs. With a free inspection and estimates, why wait? Call Next Generation Pest Control today for effective termite relief.

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