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San Joaquin County is known for housing one of the densest populations in California, just under three-quarters of a million people. Many smaller communities make up this bustling area, including the city of Tracy. Perhaps the best and most loved aspect of Tracy is its motto: “Think Inside The Triangle.” Today, home and business owners enjoy many aspects of the city, including its sprawling parks, shopping districts, and extremely sustainable community initiatives.

What makes Tracy, CA different from other cities in San Joaquin County is its ‘smaller’ population. Only 80,000 people live in work in Tracy, making it a calmer place to settle down. However, the city does not fully escape from big-city problems, including traffic, noise, and pest infestations. Pests are considered to be some of the most frustrating and difficult to control creatures in Tracy, affecting both residential and commercial properties.

Modern pest control deserves to be both treatment and prevention, which is what the team at Next Generation Pest Control strives to be for all clients. We have been working for Tracy and its surrounding community for years, putting only our best foot forward. Unlock the future of pest management with Next Generation Pest Control. We are standing by to take your call at any time.

Home Pest Control In Tracy, CA

Pest control is one of the most important aspects of the modern Tracy home. By locking out dangerous pests from the home and eliminating problem species, you can safely enjoy your property for many years to come.

The residential pest control plans offered by Next Generation Pest Control were uniquely designed to fit any schedule:

  • Monthly Services 
  • 9 Times A Year Services
  • Bi-Monthly Services 
  • Quarterly Services 
  • One-Time Services 

Pick and choose the right plan for you. Call Next Generation Pest Control to schedule effective home pest control in Tracy, CA.

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Five Signs Your Tracy Home Has A Rodent Problem

If your Tracy home has any kind of a rodent problem, it is likely to exhibit one or more of the five following signs:

  1. Greasy or oily marks that run along your baseboards and corners. 
  2. Food packages or other items that appear to have small nibble marks around the container. 
  3. The presence of rodent droppings around the home. Mouse droppings are about ¼ of an inch long and usually have pointed ends. In contrast, rats have much larger droppings (½ to ¾ of an inch long) that appear rough or irregular. 
  4. Finding ripped-up newspapers, insulation, fabrics, or other cloth items in the home. This could also be an indication of rodent nesting taking place somewhere on the property. 
  5. Catching sight of a rat or mouse scurrying around the home (or hearing its movement in the walls of the home).

Once you have confirmed the presence of a rodent around your property, you may be tempted to look into do-it-yourself (DIY) home remedies to address the problem. However, DIY is largely ineffective at removing larger pests such as rats or mice. Next Generation Pest Control offers a comprehensive rodent control in Tracy, CA that addresses serious infestations with low-impact products. Learn more about what we do by submitting an online contact form.

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How To Remove Cockroaches In Tracy, California

No matter what species of cockroach could have infested your Tracy home, there are only a few ways to remove them from the premises entirely. DIY controls and over-the-counter products may be extremely toxic to people and pets, and rarely if ever address the entire infestation. What’s more, these methods are often unable to penetrate the hard exoskeletons of California cockroach species. 

Pests like cockroaches should be prevented from ever entering your home or business. The following steps will help you to reduce the amount of cockroach activity you have around your Tracy home or business:

  • Seal up all potential cracks, gaps, and entry points with waterproof sealant. 
  • Deep clean the home frequently to remove food and water sources from the floor.  
  • Invest in regular cockroach control visits from the team at Next Generation Pest Control. 

Rest easy with cockroach control plans that never sleep. Call the Tracy location of Next Generation Pest Control to book an initial inspection today.

Commercial Pest Control In Tracy, CA

With no start-up or cancellation fees, Next Generation Pest Control offers accessible commercial pest control plans to any Tracy business. When you choose to partner with our team, you can trust that our innovative techniques and modernized solutions will have a way to eliminate any vermin, including:

  • Pest birds 
  • Termites 
  • Gophers 
  • Rodents 
  • Stinging Insects

Every commercial pest control treatment from Next Generation Pest Control comes with a free follow-up guarantee, promising to remove all pests – or your next treatment is free. Reach out to us today to learn more about our commercial pest control services in Tracy, CA.

Tracy’s Handy Handbook To Spider Identification

Spiders in Tracy enter homes, searching for other pests to eat, moisture, and secluded conditions. But not all spiders are the same, some are venomous, and others are not. Here are some of the area’s most common species and how to identify them:

  • Black widow spider: This species has a glossy black exterior and the iconic red hourglass stamp; they are also highly venomous. The female black widow spins a web and waits for her prey there. If people disturb her, she will attack. 

  • Brown recluse spider: This spider is one of the best hunters because it has six eyes. The brown recluse is also very dangerous because they are venomous. They primarily live outside amidst stones and woodpiles underneath porches. 

  • Long-bodied cellar spider: It’s no surprise how this spider got its name because it prefers to live in dark and damp spaces like the basement. They have four sets of spindly legs and a light brown abdomen.

  • Gray wall jumping spider: This large fuzzy spider is hard to miss and will bite if it feels threatened, but they are not considered dangerous.

For more information on spider control in Tracy, contact Next Generation Pest Control today.

Does Seeing One Mouse In My Tracy Home Mean I Have An Infestation?

Mice are a pervasive pest in the Tracy area, so it’s not surprising to encounter one in your home. They are capable of fitting through openings the size of your pinky finger, which means that there are likely cracks in your foundation that you can’t even see. Mice can also invade packages that have been sitting outside or simply walk through open doors and garages. Seeing one mouse in your home does not necessarily indicate a large infestation because singular mice can slip in. That said, if you do see a mouse, you could benefit from a complete property inspection to determine if there is a larger infestation and how it gained access to your property to prevent future issues from developing. Mice can have up to eight litters of pups each year, so there may be dozens of mice on your property.

At Next Generation Pest Control, we understand that issues like these can develop without your knowledge, which is why we provide comprehensive mouse control. Our services include meticulous home inspections and sealing entry points with exclusion methods. We also set glue boards and traps and develop a long-term plan if your home requires it. For more information on our rodent control services in Tracy, call us today.

How You May Be Underestimating Fleas In Tracy

Have you ever noticed something small and black bouncing around your Tracy living room? If so, you might be dealing with fleas. These pests are very hard to identify without the help of a magnifying glass, which usually leads people to underestimate the chaos they create, and you might be a part of this group. One of the biggest harms that fleas cause is the health risks that they pass along during the feeding process. Once fleas attach to a host, which is commonly your cats and dogs, they are capable of feeding for over two consecutive hours and can consume approximately 15 times their body weight in blood. This continuous process can lead to issues like anemia, hair loss, murine typhus, and heartworm.

Another key way you might be underestimating fleas in Tracy is by thinking that you can’t develop a flea outbreak if you don’t have pets. The truth is that fleas spread in many other ways. Rodents and wildlife are regularly responsible for flea infestations, whether they’re living inside of your house or around your yard. Flea problems also jump between shared walls, get left behind by old homeowners, and affix to your personal belongings.

For reliable flea prevention, contact Next Generation Pest Control today.

The Problem With Rats Around Your Tracy Property

Rats in Tracy are stealthy pests that can enter your property without your knowledge. They are skilled climbers who can use overhanging trees as a bridge into your home. They can also use sewer systems and slip through tiny openings. Rats come seeking shelter, food, and water, which you are unknowingly providing for them. Once they have access to these things, they are unlikely to leave. Combining these factors make rats a challenging pest to prevent. An additional problem that comes with having rats around your property is the parasites that they might bring. Rats, like other rodents, are usually hosts to pests like mites, fleas, and ticks, so having a rat population either inside of your home or around your yard can work to spread these potentially harmful pests. Rats are also associated with spreading health risks, including leptospirosis, hantavirus, tularemia, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and rat-bite fever. They usually pass along harmful pathogens through their urine, saliva, or fecal matter; however, in the case of rats, they are not meek and will show aggression toward people, hence rat-bite fever.

Protect your home with reliable rat control; contact Next Generation Pest Control today. 

Visual Clues: Identifying Bed Bugs By Appearance In Tracy

Bed bugs are tiny, and you could mistake them for other pests. Still, you can correctly identify them by learning some of their most prominent visual clues. It will allow you to spot them fast, which is especially important if you are at high risk of infestation. The sooner you notice them, the easier it will be to eliminate them.

First, bed bugs tend to be brown. They only take on a reddish tinge after a blood meal. They are flat before feeding and become more plump when they are full. If you notice bloodstains on your bedding, it is often either the result of crushing these pests in your sleep or blood or fecal stains. Bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and lack wings. Unlike fleas, they can’t jump. Bed bug bites are typically on exposed skin and in clusters or lines.

You must always check your bed and furniture if you suspect a bed bug infestation. If you find live bugs, molted exoskeletons, tiny white eggs, and other signs, it is time to call the pros. Remember, our warm climate is ideal for these external parasites to multiply.

The Next Generation Pest Control experts will recommend prevention and control strategies, from vacuuming often to using high heat to kill these pests and their eggs. We can also provide highly effective bed bug treatments that require only around four hours and provide reliable results. Get started with an inspection.

All The Ways Pest Birds Can Be Problematic For Tracy Property Owners

Hearing birds chirping during a hike in the woods can be profoundly relaxing. Unfortunately, having pest birds on your property is a whole different story. These nuisance species can cause much trouble for property owners in Tracy and the rest of the state.

First, they can make astonishingly loud noises with their cooing and squawking. They can also leave behind a big mess. Bird droppings are corrosive and can destroy everything from your roof to your sidings over time. They can also carry diseases they can transmit to your family and pets.

Finally, pest birds can clog gutters, chimneys, and more if they nest in inconvenient places. It could cause drainage issues and potentially expensive damages. If you’re facing bird-related problems, it’s time to take back your property with the Next Generation Pest Control experts.

Call today to learn about our bird pest control strategies, including bird spikes, optical gel, jolt tracks, and netting.

Why DIY Ant Control In Tracy Is A Waste Of Time And Money

Many homeowners have tried DIY pest control strategies to eliminate unwanted invaders. Some can make a significant difference, like keeping your home clean and removing food sources.

Unfortunately, relying solely on homemade approaches will often drain your wallet and leave you with lasting pest problems; this is especially true with ants, as trying to defeat them with store-bought solutions will typically cause colonies to grow bigger and more challenging to eradicate.

At first, over-the-counter ant baits and more might seem like successful solutions. But ants are clever creatures. They can develop resistance faster than you can imagine. Also, unless products reach the queen, she will reestablish a healthy colony in no time.

Your time is valuable, and you likely have better things to do than spend hours researching DIY ant control methods and spending money on various products that may or may not work. Avoid the headache of persistent ant infestations, and call the Next Generation Pest Control pros to learn more about ant pest control services that work. We will recommend a personalized plan to meet your needs and eliminate your ant problem for good.

Exploring Effective Weed Control Methods In Tracy

There are many ways to control weeds and enjoy a pristine yard, even in areas like Tracy, where the warm climate and fertile soil are ideal for many species to thrive.

Pre-emergent yard products are an excellent proactive approach. They create a barrier to prevent seeds from germinating, acting as a shield that stops weeds before they establish themselves.

Granular treatments are another great defense for pre-emergent weed control. They release slow-acting herbicides into the soil that target weed seeds and hinder their growth.

If you have existing broadleaf weeds, Next Generation Pest Control offers specialized treatments that will tackle the most stubborn species, including dandelions, crabgrass, and thistles. We also go beyond simple weed control and provide fertilization services that, when combined with weed control strategies, will give you a well-nourished grass that can naturally outcompete weeds by creating an inhospitable environment for unwanted species.

If you’re ready for a lush and verdant lawn, call Next Generation Pest Control to learn how our various strategies can help your grass withstand the challenges of the local climate and keep weeds at bay year-round.

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