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Why Birds Are Attracted To Your Manteca Business

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Birds in Manteca can add excitement and beauty to the outdoors, but some birds can cause significant problems for your business. While some birds are colorful and pleasant to listen to, pest birds can cause property damage and even pose health risks. Pigeons are some of the most common pest birds in the area, but you could also end up dealing with species such as sparrows, starlings, and woodpeckers. To deter these birds, find out more about prevention tips and how to get pest control in Manteca.

How Do I Know If I Have A Bird Problem On My Manteca Property?

The most obvious sign of a bird problem is seeing the birds around. However, there are some other signs of birds that you can notice. Some birds can be loud, so you won’t be able to ignore them. There are also a few other signs, such as seeing bird droppings around the side of your building or finding pecking damage on wooden items in the case of woodpeckers. 

Are Pigeons In Manteca Dangerous? 

One of the main pest birds in the area you need to worry about are pigeons. They are rather adaptable and can live around suburban and urban areas, and many people encourage them by feeding them.  However, while some people might like pigeons, they can be dangerous. It’s essential to obtain bird control if you find pigeons around your property because they can spread diseases such as histoplasmosis through the build-up of their droppings.

Also, pigeon feces can damage your business and equipment around the yard. The feces can also stain siding on buildings and create slip and fall risks for anyone around.

Do Bird Nets In Manteca Really Keep Birds Away?

Birds in Manteca are hard to prevent using products such as bird nets. While these kinds of items can help deter birds to an extent, it’s more effective to follow some other tips.

To prevent problem pest birds, there are some things you need to know. 

The best way to get pest bird control is with assistance from Next Generation Pest Control. We offer bird exclusion and removal services, and we can also assist you with shoring up your property against pest birds. Here are some prevention tips that can help you ward off the nesting of pest birds from around or inside of your home or business:

  • Reduce food sources around the property by storing pet food in sealed containers and immediately cleaning up any food and drink spills.
  • Keep lids on all garbage cans and clean up things like fallen fruits and vegetable debris around the property.
  • Keep places such as rooflines and gutters protected or use anti-roosting products. Professional pest control assistance is available with exclusion methods and modifications.
  • Trim trees, bushes, and shrubs regularly.
  • Remove bird feeders and any standing water.

How To Find The Best Bird Control Service In Manteca

If you’re looking for pigeon or bird control help in Manteca, contact the Next Generation Pest Control experts right away. While you can deter birds by removing the factors that attract them, professional assistance is the best way to prevent and remove them. It’s easy to get started; just give us a call today.

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