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The Key To Effective Rodent Control In Manteca

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Generally, people are far more worried about rodents than they are insects. These creatures are much larger, and therefore, not easy to eliminate. When and if they bite, significant pain is ahead. These pests can also wreak havoc within and around Manteca homes and businesses, and they’re capable of spreading illnesses.

It’s not as difficult for rodents to get indoors as you might think, which is one reason they’re a huge problem. Given how quickly they can reproduce, having a deterrence plan in place ahead of time is a must. Find out more about what it takes to combat these rodents and how Next Generation Pest Control can help.

What Rodents Are Common In Manteca? What Are The Risks?

House mice and roof rats are prevailing in the region. The name is a giveaway with house mice; they’re often in human dwellings because of the warmth, food, and water. Rodents overall are dependent on humans for these resources. While lighter hues are on their abdomen, their hairs are predominantly brown, gray, or black. Their 7 inch long bodies are pliable, allowing them to get past openings as small as ½ of an inch in diameter. You’ll probably come across them in quiet and dark rooms.

Roof rats are brown or black. By themselves, their tails are 7 inches. Their figures stretch to 15 inches. These vermin prefer to be in high spots,  walking along tree branches, power lines, and the like. It’s no surprise they end up on top of domiciles and establishments. Once they get comfortable, they might huddle in attics, insulation, rafters, and garages.

Infestations are evident with these signs:

  • Seeing droppings and small footprints
  • Hearing squeaking and scratching from inside walls
  • Noticing greasy rub stains on edges and walls
  • Finding ground burrows 
  • Catching these pests out in broad daylight; they’re nocturnal 

Rodents will gnaw on an assortment of items to cut down their rising teeth. Typically, they’ll go after foundations, cords, and piping. The outcomes will be nothing short of catastrophic and expensive. It requires a lot to rebound from cosmetic damage, electrical shortages and fires, and plumbing hardships. Medical bills could stack up too.

Their fur contains bacteria and parasites, and germs run through their urine, feces, and saliva. They’ll gather more microbes in gross environments like gutters, dumpsters, and streets.

Are There Ways To Prevent Manteca Rodents?

To discourage rodents, you have to make your space less alluring to them. They can’t be able to survive around your Manteca home or business. Addressing possible passageways and avenues for them to flourish is paramount. Do the following:

  • Get rid of all clutter.
  • Regularly clean the kitchen thoroughly. Make sure you wash dishes, cabinets, and countertops.  
  • Vacuum carpeting, and sweep and mop floors frequently. 
  • Put food and trash in canisters with secure lids. This includes pet food and birdseed.
  • Fix moisture faults and leaks right away. 
  • Patch up holes in windows, doors, and foundations. Avoid plastic and rubber; use steel wool.  
  • Flush out storm drains and gutters on a routine basis. 
  • Distance plants from the property by at least two feet. 
  • Mow the lawn and trim the greenery frequently. 

How Will Next Generation Pest Control Handle Manteca Rodents?

Many people don’t know how ineffective commercial pesticides and traps for rodents are. They need to be strategically located, and it’s challenging to access vermin nests. In addition, these approaches usually aren’t wide-ranging enough to conquer an infestation. Next Generation Pest Control will get to the heart of the matter with industrial-grade exclusion tools, traps, and glue boards that are safe. Call today for a free inspection with no obligation! 

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